The Sun, 25 year panel warranty, & electric rates rising makes Solar the Safest Investment around!
Go Green & Save Green!


There is no such thing as a costly solar system any longer. See if you qualify for $0 down solar!

Go Green & Save Green!


Be the first on your block to go solar! Receive tax benefits and the best ROI around!

Go Green & Save Green!


Save green, go green, and make green! Electric rates can rise 6.5% per year so save now with solar

Go Green & Save Green!


Why purchase dirty power from your utility at a higher price, when you can generate your own clean power at a lower price?

Happy Greener Dawn Solar Customers

You may qualify for our $0 out of pocket solar program with a 680 credit score or better- Save money without having to spend money!

Your Home Will Be Worth More With Solar

Solar lowers the operating expenses on your home which in turn increases your monthly income.

Our typical homeowner client saves on average 30% on their monthly electric bill with our $0 out of pocket solar program.

Refer friends or family to Greener Dawn and we will pay you $750 upon their installation!

Help make the world a better place for our kids as solar helps lower carbon emissions.

Greener Dawn Solar Power Home Installations

“Greener Dawn’s team was very professional and got me a 27% savings compared to what I was paying LIPA.  The install took 34 days from when I signed!  Now they are paying me $750 per referral!”

B. Smith, New York

“I am paying over $.30 per kwh with SCE.  Greener Dawn was able to provide me with a flat $.15 per kwh for my power.  They saved me over 45% on Day 1!”

P. Doyle, California

See if You Qualify for Zero Down Solar Today!

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Solar Energy 101 with Greener Dawn

Solar 101

Educate yourself on the different aspects of solar energy for your home.  Knowledge is power particularly when you are investigating solar energy!

Purchase vs. Lease

Why pay rent on a Solar System when you can garner huge tax benefits while savings tens of thousands of dollars owning a solar system!

US Solar Rebates

Navigating the different state and utility incentives can be very cumbersome.  We have compiled it all by state for you!