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Green Power Information

You Could Go Solar for $0 Down - You can produce electricity with solar by utilizing programs that will provide the equipment and installation for $0 out of pocket avoiding the high initial cost of installation.

Savings Grow Each Year - Utility rates are increasing at an average rate of 6% every year. $0 down Solar leasing and pre-pay solar programs allow you to produce electricity and lock in your electricity rates for the duration of your program.

Save on Generating Power From Day One - With a $0 down solar program, you will save money on Day 1 in month 1 with your green power system always paying less than your usual utility company bill.

What is Energy Technology (i.e. Photovoltaic (PV) cells)?

Photovoltaic cells were developed at Bell Laboratories in the early 1950s as a spinoff of transistor technology. Very thin layers of pure silicon are impregnated with tiny amounts of other elements. Since the early 1960s, PV cells have slowly but steadily come down from prices of over $40,000 per watt. Solar panels, to produce your green power, are at an all-time low price now.

What is a PV module?

This is what you might call a “solar panel” that makes electricity when exposed to direct sunlight. PV is shorthand for photovoltaic and helps answer the “What is energy technology” question. We call these panels PV modules to differentiate them from solar hot-water panels or collectors, which are a completely different energy technology and are often what folks think of when we say “solar panel.” PV modules produce electricity and do not make hot water.

Green Power Process

Design - We have local solar experts nationwide. The solar engineering team will custom design your solar system based on your home’s roof space and your annual projected electricity needs (i.e. kilowatt hour usage).

Installation - Our solar experts have some of the most experienced and credentialed professionals working for them. They will design the layout of the solar system, complete construction, and schedule an inspection to confirm the installation follows all local regulations.

Maintenance - The solar providers will keep you apprised of your home’s project status from design to implementation using interactive software linking you to your provider. Before you know it, you will be generating power for your home!